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Crop Field Aerial Shot


We provide important and accurate agricultural insights to farmers and commodity traders which enables them to make the right decisions. Using precision, state-of-the-art satellite imagery, our neural network algorithms predict any crop infections, weather alerts, etc. 

We also predict commodity prices for the commodity market which helps traders to minimize risks while trading and produce accurate reports.



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We have developed a revolutionary, AI-based software designed specifically for farmers. There are multiple tasks a farmer can carry out on the app: 

  • View weather forecasts

  • View agricultural norms

  • Analyse crop growth stages

  • Pest detection based on environmental factors

However, the main highlight of the app is disease detection using computer vision. A farmer simply needs to point their smartphone's camera at a crop, and in seconds, the app diagnoses any disease that is present and provides solutions. This is very useful since many diseases may look the same to farmers, and wrong treatment may damage crops.

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