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With GreenSat, fulfill your procurement needs with the highest quality produce.

With our huge farmer-base, both online and offline, we supply businesses with the highest quality agricultural goods at low prices. Through the use of satellite imagery analysis, we can easily locate procurement areas for an entire region in seconds!



Using data analytics, the instant map to farms.

Through the use of satellite imagery and data analytics, we can classify huge regions in terms of which crops are sown in what places, and get the exact geographical coordinates of these farms. Due to the large volume of ground-truth data we have, our predictions are extremely accurate. After correlating this with crop health, we visit these farms to procure our products.


Procuring from the farms, where it all begins.

All of GreenSat’s produce comes straight from the farm, from approved and verified farmers. Many of these farmers take growing advice from GreenSat to ensure the best quality possible. In addition, GreenSat has it’s own B2B farming operation, where we grow crops based on expert agronomic experience.

Processing the procured produce, ensuring superior quality.

The hardworking team at our collection centre in Nashik sorts and filters all our procurement after it has been received, to make sure that we only pass on the highest quality goods to our customers.


Loading the final product, the final step.

After the quality of the product has been thouroughly checked and verified by our team, we load the goods onto trucks and depart them to their respective destinations on time, so that our deliveries are never late.




Want to make use of any of GreenSat’s B2B services?

We offer all our services, including procurement and data analytics for crop classification to businesses. To get started, contact us today.

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