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Organic Soil Conditioning - What are the benefits?

Green manures Multi-level cropping Our constant theme is inter-relationships. The items above contribute considerably to ground water gain and flood controls. Take for instance organic soil improvement. Now this can be achieved fairly simply and only over a period of from two to three years, just by using green manures. The benefits are enormous. I will list a few. Green manures are ploughed in and rot down, returning nutrients to the soil and encouraging soil bacteria and growth. Essential for a healthy soil. This in turn brings back the earthworm, perhaps the most important creature on earth. Darwin's thesis that earthworms can generate up to 1" of soil per decade is, as far as we are concerned, correct. The soil then becomes a living battlefield of insects and predators, all adding to the humus content of the soil. This in turn leads to added rain absorption. Heavy rain does not run off this type of structure, but is absorbed to a considerable extent. Ground waters are therefore increased. The soil retains moisture longer, allowing a greater variety of crops to be grown. If trees are added, soil temperatures are reduced: up to 10-15 in an orchard. By careful selection, a multi-level cropping system can be installed, increasing crop yields per hectare. Bird life returns. Our observations confirm that these control pests. Balance is restored. If a pest or disease does get out of control, if left alone it will be brought back under control by an increase of its enemy. The more varied the trees, the less the problem, the greater the return.

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