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Deepak Yadav


A seasoned investment banker with 17 years of work experience in corporates like ICICI, Birla Sunlife, Merryll Lynch, Darashaw. After many years of working in the corporate world, he made the leap to become an entrepreneur.   


His interest in agriculture started at a young age as a large part of his childhood was spent in small towns in the state of Madhya Pradesh close to many farms. This led him to start his own export company in 2015 for exporting grapes and pomegranates to Europe. The successful venture encouraged him to open an Agri FinTech “GREENSAT INNOVATION LABS PRIVATE LTD”. The inception of GreenSat was with a vision to bring about a revolution in the farming industry by giving easy access to the most advanced technology and help mitigate risk for various stakeholders – the farmer, the banker and the buying houses.

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Krishna Kumar Ghosh


Krishna Kumar Ghosh is a young finance professional with more than 10 years of work experience in corporates like Vadraj Cement, Indian Oil, TSG Group, and Reinforce Resources. After working in different industries, he has taken a risk of developing startups.

Mr. Ghosh love to take challenges which led him to collaborate in structuring as well as execution of challenging ideas. During the initial phases of development, he has spent lot of his time over ground and he has leveraged those experiences in the successful development of many effective business solutions in export business as well as AgriFintech venture.

Having like-minded Founders and young, passionate tech Co-Founders effectively supporting the trickiest deployments, the app was launched in January 2021. Krishna is very passionate about fintech’s & Insurtech’s and he has always tried to align business solutions with the same.

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Ashok Singh

Finance head

He is a veteran with experience of two and half decades in finance, accounts, audit and taxation. He has worked with various companies i.e., Amarchand Mangldas, DLF, Vijay Securities & Vadraj Energy. He brought his rich experience of corporate governance and finance in the company. He is well known for team building, finance management, legal & taxation planning. He has trained various young professionals in the last two decades.

He has been working with the company from day one and he is part of the founding team of the company. Mr. Ashok is well known for his interpersonal skills, forward planning and strategic thinking. He is passionate in building the farmers community and working capital management.

Ganesh Mukund Pavaskar

Operations head

Ganesh is a seasoned professional with work experience of more than 15 years in supply chain and operations management in the food and hospitality industry. He has been working with the company from day one and he is part of the founding team of the company. Ganesh is well known for his agility in managing the complex work of supply chain, contract farming, and farmers' community building. 

He has been a key resource for the company in the on-ground deployment of the new products. His passion for building the new product line and process flows for perishable exports.


Aarush Yadav


A 16-year-old with a passion for technology and building intelligent solutions. Experienced in building scalable mobile and web applications, he has been working on various types of development for the last 6 years. Aarush has participated in the 2019 World Robotics Championship and represented India and emerged as the runner-up for the championship. He is an NIIT graduate and completed the course with distinction in Core Java development and machine learning and data science.

As one of the technical co-founders of GreenSat, Aarush spent his time developing the backend and the GreenSat app using modern technologies like NodeJS, Flutter and React. In addition to developing all of the GreenSat technology in-house, Aarush has been helping manage business relations with GreenSat’s partners and API integrations.

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Jash Sheth


Jash Sheth is an experienced technology and industrial systems engineer and manager with core experience in implementing technology in the solar and chemical industries. His goal is to use technology, set up industries, and doing whatever it takes to improve the quality of life of people in India.

He kickstarted his professional journey at the age of 15 as an instructor and engineer at a robotics and IoT training institute, over time taking up industrial projects , and building a strong engineering base both on the software and hardware front to get solutions delivered which are in the best interest of the country. Jash has worked (and gained experience) with providing IoT(Internet of Things) control systems to major industrial players in India and engineering BMS(Battery management systems) for Electric Vehicles and Energy storage systems.

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